Alexander Gunkel CEO RoadEO
Second prize winner of the Galileo Masters’ Hesse Challenge 2019 is RoadEO from the ESA BIC Noordwijk. RoadEO is building a global road quality monitoring and prediction platform with the goal of reducing maintenance efforts and decreasing CO2 emissions while improving road comfort and safety. Galileo provides them improved accuracy and reliability.


Save the dates of the following web-seminars of the Astropreneurs programme in collaboration with other speakers.

Swarm Logistics developed a software to fully automate the daily dispatching and scheduling of fleets.

Users can carry out the daily dispatching, scheduling and planning of a whole fleet in a few minutes. The process is fully automated and starts by one mouse click. Up to 35% costs can get reduced due to better planning and a higher throughput of transported entities with the same amount of vehicles.

Ana Cristina Galhego Rosa, CEO and founder of Dipteron UG, was selected as Space4Women Network Mentor of the UNOOSA programme. UNOOSA stands for United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and is based in Vienna. The female mentors take independent committments to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the space sector and do not hold official affiliation or status with the United Nations. Galhego Rosa will give mentoring in the field of business and law. Her company Dipteron is an app for detecting Aedes mosquito risk areas.
The Farming by Satellite Prize rewards young innovators exploring the use of satellite technologies to improve agriculture and reduce environmental impact. Applications for the 2020 Prize are now open.

Kicking off its 5th edition, the Farming by Satellite Prize is designed to encourage young professionals, farmers and students in Europe and Africa to create new, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions using Copernicus, EGNOS and Galileo. A total Prize pool of €10,000 is up for grabs in 2020 with prizes distributed among the top three European applicants as well as the best idea submitted to the Special Africa Prize. Returning this year, the Special Africa Prize encourages young Africans to seek satellite-based solutions for their agricultural needs.

Logos Galileo Masters and Copernicus Masters
Submissions for the international idea competitions are open.

You are encouraged to take the health crisis into account when submitting your Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation ideas to the Galileo Masters & Copernicus Masters 2020‍. Deadline is 30 June.

cesah is partner of the regional Hesse prizes. We are happy to get support from our partner Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH/Digitales Hessen.

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Das Start-up PriLogiX aus dem ESA BIC Hessen & Baden-Württemberg schreibt auf seiner Webseite:

"Im Zuge der anhaltenden Corona-Pandemie möchten auch wir unseren Beitrag dazu leisten, die Situation mit allen uns zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln zu verbessern.

Deshalb werden wir unsere Cloud-Software PLX, die erste projektbasierte Risk Management Software für den Versand, bis zum 30.05.2020 kostenfrei zur Verfügung stellen!!! Durch die Software unterstützen wir Unternehmen dabei, die Logistik-Leistung, die Transparenz sowie die Kommunikation ihrer Versandprojekte zu optimieren.

Map glassface
Glassface is a social media app that matches helpers and help seekers located in close vicinity. By posting a “help story” you can either express a need of help or a help offer and thus find a match. Glassface provides real-time, accurate location of a help seeker, shows helpers the quickest route to get there and gives the possibility to both, award courage and being endorsed for helping. During the corona crisis the usage of the app is free of charge. This can be especially interesting for elderly people, persons under quarantine or someone at risk due to pre-medicated conditions.

Develop IoT solutions with satellite positioning

The uptake of IoT is growing rapidly and immense amounts of data are being generated every day. This system of interconnected devices draws valuable data from our private and professional lives, supplying insights and enabling faster reactions and responses to the ever-changing competitive landscape. Combined with satellite navigation technologies such as Galileo, IoT solutions can bring even more value to industry. Using Galileo allows more reliable and accurate positioning, and its increased availability enables IoT devices to determine their position even in demanding urban environments. Careful thought and extensive investigation into where Galileo can make a positive impact on IoT solutions has resulted in an innovative new programme to support IoT developers and entrepreneurs, Point.IoT.

Wie unterstützt das ESA BIC Start-up Solorrow den Umweltschutz und trägt zu höherer Produktivität auf den Feldern bei? Das und mehr verrät Lionel Born, Mitgründer und Produktentwickler der Precision-Farming-App, bei RheinMain TV im Gespräch mit Moderatorin Anke Seeling. Kleiner Hinweis: Satellitendaten spielen eine Rolle... Hier gehts zur Sendung:

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