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yuri wins ESA BIC Challenge at Paris Space Week 2020

The ESA BIC startup from Baden-Württemberg yuri is the winner of the ESA Space Solutions challenge of the Paris Space Week (PSW). Mark Kugel from yuri pitched in front of a jury and convinced them. „We‘re very excited to be this year‘s winner. The jury decided based on the positive impact our work in microgravity will have in medicine and biotech, which makes us even more proud.“

yuri is the one-stop shop for affordable research and manufacturing in microgravity. The company provides an end-to-end service to take experiments or anything else to the ISS, on rockets or on parabolic flights. Mark received a beautiful trophy that has a special place in the yuri office now. Besides, he was interviewed by the PSW film team.

PSW, the tradeshow dedicated to the space industry, took place in Chaville, Île-de-France from 25th to 26th February 2020. 

Concerning yuri's future Mark says: „We‘re very busy - and are of course very excited - preparing our first ISS missions, suborbital launches, a parabolic flight and manufacturing our first Clinostat, most of which will take place in 2020.”

Let’s stay tuned what comes next!