The ESA BIC startup from Hessen & Baden-Württemberg ARtist has announced the Open Alpha Release of their Augmented Reality application AR.fx and the start of their crowdfunding campaign. The App enables you to create, place and to interact with location-based 3D content in Augmented Reality utilizing smartphones. AR.fx incorporates gamification elements such as Blueprints (you can connect pre-defined linedots in AR and create 3D experiences) and multiplayer capability along with Scene-Editor. On a global map you can explore and physically interact with AR content of your interest, which is organized in various Sub-Spaces. The obtained 3D objects can be used to create unique AR scenes utilizing the Scene-Editor.

The team from ARtist welcomes you to be their Beta Test User and to support them with their crowdfunding campaign.

If you are interested, you can also check the social media channels from ARtist: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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