We develop software technology to optimize and automate the scheduling and dispatching of fleets with edge computing based on a server-less solution, where vehicles start to coordinate themselves likes swarms with flexible time and location trans-shipments
Swarm Logistics
DGG is a highly innovative and technology-driven start-up, developing essential tools for the fully automated delivery and optimization of 3D content to various platforms and devices

MagnoTherm Solutions GmbH develops magnetocaloric cooling and heating applications based on solid-state refrigerant materials and permanent magnets

Magnotherm Solutions


yuri enables research and manufacturing on microgravity platforms such as the ISS, suborbital rockets or parabolic flights.

Improving gas infrastructure safety with satellite images

SuperVision Earth
With their digital shop floor management software SFM Systems offers manufacturing companies a tool to quickly and effectively detect deviations and solve problems through use of data analytics, systematic problem solving and machine learning

SFM Systems
Locates the most promising and sustainable fishing grounds powered by Earth Observation data and artificial intelligence

Online travel agency that automatically composes an individual and attractive trip to travelers based on different whishes analyzed by a unique process
MYLi YOUR Travelbuddy
Offers innovative solutions for protecting the Earth from Climate Change, developing accessible services for all
The German company Solorrow has developed a Precision Farming app based on long-term analysis of satellite images to make variable and sustainable field treatment possible for every farmer worldwide
TIWARI specializes in Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Engineering Ceramics and Metals and Measurement systems for Thermal Testing of Materials
TIWARI Scientific Instruments
how.fm is building a digital coach for blue-collar work procedures for customers in manufacturing, logistics, and beyond, training and supporting new and temp workers


On SPACE800X you can promote your own products for free. Best business and technology experts help you complete your projects quickly, cost-effectively and with optimal results. All experts are tested for competence and reliability and offer service packages that match your projects and budget
Deep Blue Globe develops data analitics applications for maritime and multi-hazard management systems

Deep Blue Globe
We develop holistic security concepts and implement them using modern technologies to create the most effictive prevention
Smart Data


Floating Office provides innovative furniture technology to create free space at the push of a button

Floating Office
Application for detecting Aedes mosquito risk areas

contagt is a commercial platform for indoor/outdoor navigation and location services

NAiSE provides autonomous navigation and collective coordination for all intralogistical participants: From vehicle/mobile robots steering to staff navigation and goods tracking – collaboration on the same shopfloor is now possible



CargoSteps helps freight forwarders and carriers to fill excess capacity and enable cross company real-time track and trace with a proactive information flow focusing on B2B logistics.

e.Ray develops energy-independent satellite-based measuring stations on running rivers to provide hydrogeological data for water management, flood predictions and flood warnings

The AgTech start-up Spacenus combines agriculture and intelligent technologies to develop new solutions for the production of our daily food. Our agricultural nutrient assistant ANA provides maps that show the current nutrient demand of crops on 5 major nutrients


PaxAnimi GmbH provides products and services in area of IoT/Industry 4, Telecommunications and Cloud.
PaxHive is our Smart Home platform



ThingsOnAir develops GNSS solutions (custom HW/FW/SW GNSS+sensor integrations, a patented multi frequency L-Band antenna for precision GNSS applications with unique properties, etc.), and specializes on bringing GNSS navigation to the Internet



The company is focused on Ground Segment Software Engineering, as well as space commercialization activities and applications for complicated Decision Support Systems



GeoMon is a geo data spezialist using drones and Agisoft MetaShape; our services comprise from image acquisition and data analysis to consulting on your drone and post processing workflow optimization



We offer AR-based location-based story-telling experiences



wer denkt was GmbH is a solution provider for participatory software for the public sector. We developed and operate as well the crowdsourcing platform and mobile app appJobber which is used by the corporate sector to get real-time information from markets or places
wer denkt was
Skill Software is a digital application series consisting of cloud servers and mobile apps for documenting defects or work processes in i.e. construction, real estate, technology, service and maintenance - all work processes are visualized on plans or 3D point clouds and can be committed virtually
Skill Software


Track record (from Donata)

5 latest start-ups

TIWARI Scientific Instruments
produce a measurement device based on the 3-Omega (3ω) principle, which can determine the thermal conductivity (k) and thermal heat capacity (Cp) of thermal insulation materials within a matter of minutes and considerably faster than the current state of the art.

Panda Insight
Panda Insight helps you to reach your health and fitness goals. We are developing a smartphone app that provides feedback based upon your data.

SFM Systems
The digital Shopfloor Management software supports the analysis of deviations and assists with the problem solving in production.

Scale Project